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Max Boost Omega front surface of the thigh is quite an individual muscle group, in which the types of muscle fibers vary m / s mixed from fast to slow. The rectus femoris muscle predominantly possesses fast-contracted M. Therefore, squats (multi-joint movement) with a barbell on the chest / shoulders should be carried out with a large weight, but a small number of repetitions. However, when doing extensions in the knee joint in a sitting machine (single-joint movement), the best option would be a combined approach to the load;
deltas are of a mixed type of fibers with an offset towards red, so it is most advantageous to train them using a combined approach, with an emphasis on a higher number of repetitions before muscle failure;
biceps, triceps, pectoral - white mv predominate in these muscle groups, so it is better to work them out with an emphasis on high load and a small number of repetitions;
Max Boost Omega Kids the latissimus dorsi muscle has an almost perfect balance ( 50/50 ) m / y with fast and slow MVs, so the “wings” need to be worked out using a combined approach;
press is an intermediate type with a predominance of fast twitch fibers, therefore it is more expedient to use a combined approach in training the abdominal muscles;

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